Taking the trip without breaking the bank.

Planning your next trip on less than pocket change? Check out these travel savings sites to help you spend less. And see more. Whether you plan to backpack through Europe or relax on the sand, getting there is half the battle (and price). Saving money where you can will help you enjoy your time spent on vacation much more, and be less stressed when you get back. Already a thrifty traveler? Post some cheap vacation ideas for your fellow sightseeing Savers to enjoy. Bon voyage.

  • Lydia

    Using E-certificates for Reward Travel on car rentals I have found it better to make the best reservation possible then keep checking to see if prices have dropped before traveling and finalize the best reservation, at that time asking for the E-certificates to fund the cost of rental.

  • Judy

    I am always interested in saving money whenever and wherever I can., in a good economy or bad, it never hurts to save a buck! I work for the Calaveras Visitors Bureau, in Angels Camp, CA. We at the CVB offer a discount card to all visitors to the county, and guess what!? IT”S FREE! Just stop into our office and we will be happy to give you our “VIP” card along with a long list of businesses that are participating in the “VIP” discount program. I know for a fact that the program will continue through 2010. Have fun traveling AND saving!!

  • Judy

    Last year I desperately needed a vacation! I chose to book a cruise. Prior to paying off the entire cost of the cruise, which you must do prior to traveling, I discovered that the cruiseline dropped the price of the cruise. Same cruise itinerary, same date of sailing, same room catagory, even the exact same room that I chose, everything the same as the cruise I had booked. I called the cruiseline and told them I saw on their website that the cruise I had booked had dropped in price. They immediately told me that they would adjust the price of the cruise. I did not have to cancel the cruise and then re-book, they just did it! I saved a total of $400!! I was happy with the price that I was going to pay originally but this was gravy! I was then able to apply the savings to going on a couple of very nice shore excursions and a spa treatment., something that I would not have been able to do otherwise. Bottom line, it never hurts to ask if you can get a discount.