Healthy eating doesn’t mean healthy spending.

Whether you’re a foodie or just like to eat healthy, you should shop for good-for-you food the way you save – smart and strategic. You don’t make snap decisions when it comes to finances, so why do the same when food shopping?

Plan ahead by making a list. Diversify by finding multiple stores in one area and scope the sales in each one. You’ll eliminate multiple gas-guzzling shopping trips and max out your savings potential. Hunger-induced impulse buys can derail any well-planned food-shopping trip. Remember, empty stomach = empty wallet.

Need a little bit more to chew on? We think these tips from Coupon Mom for eating well on a budget can turn any food-savings newbie into a smart-shopping connoisseur.

  • vijaianand

    Good eats not only nourish your body but also the soul. Cooking and eating is an art in our culture. Food is not only to fill up your stomach to reduce hunger but should work as an energizer to your body. I know its easier said than done. TO start with, just being conscious about what you put in your mouth would help. Your body is an trash can, it is a temple. What do like to take to your temple for worship? Do you trash or flowers.. Consider this analogy and it will make lot of sense..

    I also foudn this article in investopedia which helps shopping easier..